Be yourself

Recently I made it known that Twitpic is ran just by me (@noaheverett) against the advise of what others have told me. I was told that I should “act bigger” than what I really am and to make it seem that Twitpic is ran by a group/company…Screw that.

I value openness and I really appreciate it when a person/company is open about themselves and I want to be the same way.

Twitpic twitter post

Their advice was given with the mindset that acting bigger will help in getting VC funding or help in being acquired and I couldn’t disagree more. If you have to mask what you are or doing to get VC then they are not the right VC for you.

Currently Twitpic is completely self funded by me and the ad revenue pays for all the hosting expenses. (I’ll write a full post about being self funded soon)

So there you have it…Twitpic is self funded and ran by one guy from his apartment. Wooo! I feel better now.

We have a blog!

Yes we now have a blog. We’ll be posting more lengthy updates about Twitpic here that are too large for a Twitter post. We are working on some exciting stuff that we will be releasing more info about soon. Stay tuned!

Also a big thank you to all our amazing users, we are hugging the screen right now, seriously that’s how much we appreciate you.