We have a blog!

Yes we now have a blog. We’ll be posting more lengthy updates about Twitpic here that are too large for a Twitter post. We are working on some exciting stuff that we will be releasing more info about soon. Stay tuned!

Also a big thank you to all our amazing users, we are hugging the screen right now, seriously that’s how much we appreciate you.

28 thoughts on “We have a blog!

  1. So exciting as a born again geek to actually be in on the early stages of something like this. Keep up the great work guys. At least I wasnt #13

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. Thanks for the ap for twitter too. I really like using it, although when I changed my twitter name, I can’t figure out how to link my two Twitpic accounts… Details, details.

    Chris Brown

  3. Noah…
    I now have a TwitPic “Fetish” to add to my random Internetz repertoire.
    It’s amazing to watch popularity grow.
    All Great things start…somewhere.
    Thanx dude

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