41 thoughts on “Twitpic HQ Video

  1. Cool vid! When you first showed the servers I assumed all the pics were hosted at your apartment- that would be so freaky. Can’t wait to see the data centres. Have a good new year.

  2. We used to have a Hungry Howie’s in my area (the flavored crust was pretty cool) but I think they were bought out.

    First it was a Blimpies, then Hungry Howie’s, Pizza Plus, 2 other pizza stores… and now it’s going to be a “Tasty Yummy” doughnut shop.

  3. hey:D happy christmas 2 you! you should get one of those 19 inch racks, so u can store all those servers in it, takes less space;) your awesome! keep up the good work:D

    Greets from The Netherlands!

    – Ropiko

  4. Hungry Howie’s is great but for cheapy TexMex you can’t go wrong with Taco Bueno in Tulsa. :-) I do miss that. Can’t wait to get back to T-Town!

  5. Awesome! Really enjoying all the sharing of how Twitpics and its servers have evolved; and how you alone made Twitpic into a tool which we couldn’t all live without now!

  6. Noah,

    I should have made it more clear about ‘cringe’. I haven’t seen any of your other videos & I wasn’t referring to them.

    I meant a tiny piece of my brain often cringes just a tiny bit at other videos, even when I think the people are great – hard to put in words.

    Well maybe not ‘cringe’ – just my fingers retract and assume claw-like positions; my teeth grind together and my eyes start to ache.


  7. This was excellent! Thanks for the tour – but you forgot to say, ‘Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?’, or ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out…’
    arrivederci – and keep up the good work.
    I hope your Christmas was great and that you have a happy, productive, and whatever you want it to be New Year!

  8. Do you have a Finding Nemo Mouse Pad? AWESOME!
    Dude, that crib video was great. Looks like my first apartment and its not as “dirty” as one would think. I’ve seen worse.

  9. Hey Noah,

    Nice video, glad to see such an awesome service put together by one dude in his apartment. All the best for 2009, hope TwitPic makes you tonnes of money, or at least makes you happy.


  10. Great video tour Noah … and enjoyed the insight as to how Twitpic is “on the grow.” Thanks and keep up the good work. (BTW … I’ll give HH’s pizza a try on your recommendation … maybe that will trigger them sponsor Twitpics. You should see if they will use your technology and accept a Twitpic photo coupon???)

  11. Wow! I thought Twitpic was a multibillion dollar company. Never new it was a garage based network. Cool beans. Love the behind the scenes video!

  12. Twitpic just had a mention on the main UK BBC news at 10 – related to the plane crash in the river and how the first picture got around the world via TP before the News networks could manage it..
    Great service!

  13. Your apartment is gross! But i’ll clean it for some Hungry Howie’s because HH = <3

    Oh and you have a xbox 360! Do you ever play it on xbox live? If sooo what games do you play and whats your gamer tag?!

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