I dropped the ball

In this post I want to let you know what happened to cause Twitpic to go down for roughly 24 hours on Sunday and to let you know what the plan is. I’ll start off by what happened and what went wrong.

Twitpic was going to be down for scheduled maintenance Sunday morning at 12am CST. During this maintenance time I was moving some of Twitpic’s servers around in our data center and getting things ready for the switch to Twitpic’s new hardware platform that is going live sometime this quarter. The move itself went fine, but after the move a hardware failure occurred on one of our main servers that caused Twitpic to run slow and then eventually go down completely. After troubleshooting for hours and realizing I couldn’t fix the server since the issue was due to a hardware failure, I setup a new server to take over.

Twitpic being down that long is not acceptable. I am very sorry and I (@noaheverett) take full responsibility.

My main goal is to make Twitpic stable and to prepare for our growth. For the past few months I’ve been building a scalable hardware platform to run Twitpic on and I will be going live with that this quarter. I’m also taking the appropriate means to get funding into Twitpic. I do realize that me running the service by myself will become a bottle neck to Twitpic and so I am looking to grow Twitpic from just me, to a great team.

I truly am thankful for the support you have given me and for your words of encouragement. I want to pay you back by giving you the best service possible. I really believe we can change the world with this.

Scheduled maintenance tonight at 12am CST

Twitpic will be down tonight for a few hours for scheduled maintenance starting at 12am CST.

For the past 2 months I’ve been working on a new hardware platform to run Twitpic and tonight’s maintenance downtime will put it one step closer to running on that platform.

Twitpic is growing at a fantastic rate and I want to provide a stable and reliable service that you can use.

The news event that happened 2 days ago that brought twitpic down for around an hour showed what the potential is and I want to be prepared for the next time something like this happens and tonight will help in hitting that goal soon.

Some really exciting things will be coming out soon so stay tuned and thank you for being such great users…*group hug*