Scheduled maintenance tonight at 12am CST

Twitpic will be down tonight for a few hours for scheduled maintenance starting at 12am CST.

For the past 2 months I’ve been working on a new hardware platform to run Twitpic and tonight’s maintenance downtime will put it one step closer to running on that platform.

Twitpic is growing at a fantastic rate and I want to provide a stable and reliable service that you can use.

The news event that happened 2 days ago that brought twitpic down for around an hour showed what the potential is and I want to be prepared for the next time something like this happens and tonight will help in hitting that goal soon.

Some really exciting things will be coming out soon so stay tuned and thank you for being such great users…*group hug*

14 thoughts on “Scheduled maintenance tonight at 12am CST

  1. To have the site unexpectedly down for an hour due to being a part of the biggest news story of the day is a sign of Twitpic’s central and global position in the main stream of media. Success. What’s more you seen to have done by being uniquely you and not some kind of arrogant self-important weirdo. Noah you rock – I still can’t believe you do this all on your own, keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Hang in there. Was having issues with uploading photos and got worried. I’m glad to see that you are down on purpose. Can’t wait to see what new stuff you’ve got on the books.

    Good luck, stop to brew a new pot of the good stuff.


  3. Weird. Am I the only one still having major problems with Twitpic over the last day and a half? My network connection is fine with other sites. I haven’t been able to send any mobile photos or upload from the computer. Help!

  4. Yea. why don’t you offer a update or refresh button for our profiles. I would like to update my profile you lame knuckheads… na, have nice day ;-)

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