Moving to a new data center & other things that make you squeal

Twitpic will be taken down tonight at 10pm CST to complete the move to its new data center. It should only be down for a few hours.

This is the first big step in making Twitpic more reliable. This move will put Twitpic on its new hardware platform with over 3 times it’s current capacity…basically we bought more hamsters and put them in bigger wheels and gave them red bull (which is illegal in 48 states, but I know someone in government and they owed me a favor so its cool).

A new sexier & younger looking…uhhhh…*cough* a NEW layout for Twitpic will also be released tonight, below is a preview:


Thanks for hanging in there with us! There is much much more coming.

Its red bull time…

Plan of action

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up of whats going on with Twitpic and whats going to be happening soon.

First off I want to thank all of our faithful users and all of the developers who have added Twitpic support into their apps, thank you very very much.

We are growing at a fantastic rate of over 6,000 users a day and the amount of photos posted every day is growing very fast as well.

Some of you have noticed an issue with Twitpic lately has randomly caused a few photos to show the incorrect (usually corrupted) photo, I’ve been aware of this issue and have been working on it. A brand new Twitpic will be released in the next coming weeks that WILL fix that issue (its mostly caused by the scale we have grown to).

The new Twitpic will be on a brand new hardware platform that will allow us to scale with our growth much easier and it will also sport a brand new design and layout. The first release that’s coming out in the next few weeks will have just the core functionality of what Twitpic is now because the main goal with that release is to get the site on its new hardware platform. Once that is completed I will be releasing new functionality.

Thank you so much for being patient with us as we grow. Hang tight! Twitpic will be running much smoother in a few weeks.