Moving to a new data center & other things that make you squeal

Twitpic will be taken down tonight at 10pm CST to complete the move to its new data center. It should only be down for a few hours.

This is the first big step in making Twitpic more reliable. This move will put Twitpic on its new hardware platform with over 3 times it’s current capacity…basically we bought more hamsters and put them in bigger wheels and gave them red bull (which is illegal in 48 states, but I know someone in government and they owed me a favor so its cool).

A new sexier & younger looking…uhhhh…*cough* a NEW layout for Twitpic will also be released tonight, below is a preview:


Thanks for hanging in there with us! There is much much more coming.

Its red bull time…

54 thoughts on “Moving to a new data center & other things that make you squeal

  1. Great! I’m tired of the (?) coming up after I take an epic picture.

    Plus I wanted an opportunity to share how great I am to people on a thread that’ll probably get a lot of looks. @rexbarrett Remember that people. @rexbarrett.

  2. Great news dude! Glad to hear twitpic is growing leaps and bounds; outgrowing your capacity is definitely a good problem to have. Just out of curiosity, where’s the new data center?

  3. I can’t wait to see the full layout after the upgrade. I only just got used to the current one (Used for less than an hour)

    Curiousity question, what sort of server power will be running on after the upgrade??

  4. My luck. I’m new to Twitter and wanted to play with twitpic, and it’s down. I’m sure you guys will have it up in no time even better than before.

  5. hi there,

    im sure it’s down to the move n all that but my feed site ain’t pullin in twitpics no more. i’ve checked my code and the http call is getting a ‘We are exeriencing high load’ (spelt like that!) yet when i view the rss feed in a browser it looks fine.

    i tried spoofing the user-agent as a browser but still no avail.

    anyway – keep up the good work im sure you’re snowed under!


  6. I sent an upload and low and behold, it linked to a photo that isn’t mine just like the errors with the old site. Now it shows as a red dot and I can’t even delete it. I understand bugs need to be ironed out but you shouldn’t take things live that aren’t ready nor fix one of the major issues of the previous version.

  7. Hi,
    first, thanks for the great job you did on Twitpic so far, from my usage and view it’s still the best way for broadcasting mobile snaps. Actually I felt like Cartman standing in Front of the WII Shop mumbling the can’t wait mantra.

    Anyway, is there a way to bring back the views (guess why), introduce OAuth for security reasons and maybe to connect with other Microblogging Services (like, Identi.Ca?)

    Keep up the work.

  8. Andrew, life isn’t perfect and apps will go live and not work – no matter how many things one can think of, there’s nothing like the stress test of hundreds of thousands of people. I look to Murphy – if it can go wrong, it will – be glad such a great app exists.

  9. Oh, I’m so glad it wasn’t me. I didn’t realize you were working on your website.
    My heart bleeds for ya’, though, because I know how hard it is when you’re in a hurry to fix something on the computer, and it doesn’t want to fix!! SO frustrating!
    Good Luck!

  10. Wanted to let you know that since the change that was made, If I delete a pic from my Twitpic photos, it *still* shows up on the badge I have on my blog.
    This didn’t happen before the change…if I deleted a photo from Twitpic, it used to also delete it from the badge on my blog.


  11. Looking forward to “Sexy”, but I am a Newby and I have a question. I didn’t know what a “Tag” was so I posted “Daughter and Grand Daughter” to a picture. Turns out a tag is a link, as it happens right back to the same picture, smaller version. I suppose it is intended to take the inquisitive viewer to another site which does not exist . So, how can I now remove the tag?

  12. dOOd — very funny- gotta like a support staff with a sense of humor. Suggestion- feed the hamster farm Verve energy drink instead of the Red Bull- the hamster will last a lot longer. LOL

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