Plan of action

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up of whats going on with Twitpic and whats going to be happening soon.

First off I want to thank all of our faithful users and all of the developers who have added Twitpic support into their apps, thank you very very much.

We are growing at a fantastic rate of over 6,000 users a day and the amount of photos posted every day is growing very fast as well.

Some of you have noticed an issue with Twitpic lately has randomly caused a few photos to show the incorrect (usually corrupted) photo, I’ve been aware of this issue and have been working on it. A brand new Twitpic will be released in the next coming weeks that WILL fix that issue (its mostly caused by the scale we have grown to).

The new Twitpic will be on a brand new hardware platform that will allow us to scale with our growth much easier and it will also sport a brand new design and layout. The first release that’s coming out in the next few weeks will have just the core functionality of what Twitpic is now because the main goal with that release is to get the site on its new hardware platform. Once that is completed I will be releasing new functionality.

Thank you so much for being patient with us as we grow. Hang tight! Twitpic will be running much smoother in a few weeks.

37 thoughts on “Plan of action

  1. I can’t wait for the new layout, i love twitpic I changed from my G1 to my iphone 3g because I heard twitterfon directly uploads to twitpic. But now I heard the latest andorid twitter app uploads directly to twitpic as well. Keep up the great work you should add a feature where we can search for local twitpic users in our area. without you twitpic my tweets would not make sense. tell me where to send a donation and I will.

  2. Will the new platform include what was posted on Twitter along with the pic? So, for example, when you post something through an iPhone app like TwitterFon, the picture does not have the text on the page. Just curious because I think that would be a great addition.


  3. No problem … I’m enjoying the ride. (I did notice that one of my photos posted 3 times yesterday afternoon 3/11; I deleted 2 of them — no big deal just wanted you to know)

  4. I really like Twitpic and use it a lot. You guys are doing a great job and I know its apprecated by the Twitterverse.Thanks for your hard work

  5. You deserve a round of applause for the service you’re providing, and the work you’re doing. Thank you for keeping your users in the loop. Keep it up! :-)

  6. Hey, Noah. I just saw the Honda ad in TwitPic’s sidebar. Just wanted to offer my congratulations. It’s wonderful that companies like that are interested in your project, not to mention helping you boost revenue.

  7. Hey, Noah. I just saw the Honda ad in TwitPic’s sidebar. Just wanted to offer my congratulations. It’s wonderful that companies like that are interested in your project, not to mention helping you boost revenue.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  8. For days I have not been able to sign into twitpics, none of my photos sent from my iphone have been posted to twitter. when I am not signed into to twitpics I can see my photos on twitpic, but not on twitter, when I finally was able to sign into twitpic today, I cannot see my photos at all on twitpics. I posted in the help area along with others, there are several posting with similar issues. I like twitpics but have been very frustrated with the lack of response to issues, even here on the blog to at least explain the problem, this is the first post since January. Maybe when the changes spoken of here happen then I can see my photos when logged into twitpics and also have them show up on twitter, but right now they seem to be lost in space somehow.

  9. this is gonna be too cool, with the Revolution begging we need all the photo venues we can get, Holder can only stop sooo many

  10. So I guess that means the 27 photos that I spent a whole day uploading and communicating with my antique loving friends are now gone, lost, or ruined? Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been trying to get help for the last 4 hours and no one even replied. Why not broadcast a message like this on the twitter feed? I could have saved half of this day too?

  11. I’m having extremely rotten luck with your service since most of the photos I post magically turn into some other user’s pics but I’ll wait it out. Hope the new rollout fixes everything.

  12. thanks for twitpic. it really is awesome.

    did notice a quark tho – someone left a comment on my picture a couple of days ago… but it didn’t show up as a @reply on twitter! is this connected to the twitter database issues or is it something twitpic specific?

    thanks! =)

  13. it’s wild to read that you’re just one dude in his apt. that’s fuckin’ awesome.
    thanks for your hard work, and thanks for giving us a twit app that enriches peoples communications.
    you made it so much better for me connecting with new people by easily linking them to some of my photo portfolio (and show them i’m not just a crazy talking head).

  14. Thank you for committing so much of your time and talent to twitpic. Keep up the good work! TwitPic fan in Yokohama, Japan.

  15. Hey guys! You are (were) going through growing pains, just like most of these social networking sites. It’s completely expected that uptime will fluctuate and such. At least you recognize the issue and are taking care of it. Thank you very much for the great image hosting, and much luck with the new datacenter! -allen099

  16. Can anyone tell me why Twitpic won’t allow iphone logins? I have two Twitpic apps on my iphone and none will allow authorisation of my account.

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