Bringing the Rain

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been up to at Twitpic and some new things that are coming.

First off, the data center move was completed last week and things are running much smoother now. The move is now allowing us to scale easier as Twitpic grows and boy are we growing at an astounding rate. Thank you so much for your patience with us these last few months as we’ve learned to handle Twitpic’s growth.

Secondly, I wanted to address the issue of pornography being uploaded to Twitpic and some users posting harassing comments and tags on photos. Let me just start by saying that this will NOT be tolerated and in the next coming weeks any user found in violation of our Terms of Service, uploading inappropriate content, and/or posting harassing comments/tags will be banned.

This has not been a huge issue in the past, but since Twitpic has been growing by leaps and bounds lately its become something that has to be put in check. I know I personally wouldn’t want to be presented with this kind of content and neither should you have to be presented with it either. My goal is to create a site that is family friendly. Also, the ability to delete comments/tags from your photos is being added this week.

Some really exciting things are in the works so stay tuned and THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of your photo sharing experiences.

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  1. remember when you worried about letting the public know about TWITPIC being run by one guy=noah and if that would hurt/ruin your growth/success in funding?

    i still think you did the right thing dude. i love knowing that i’ve been able to chat with you personaly on occaision, the guy who MADE twitpic. it’s the future of companies i say…


  2. You have done a great job in developing this service and let me say thank you for letting us share our photos on the run in this manner. Thanks for ensuring it continues to be family friendly and we look forward to the continued growth and development of the service. You are our #1 photo sharing service!

    Best regards,


  3. Noah, Great job on updating and growing the site. I’m happy that the site is growing so quickly! Keep this up and I look forward to all the updates. Best, Janis

  4. Some true comments there from just a small selection of the many many fanboys and fangirls Noah: you’re a one-man Web 2.0 phenomenon! You’re even listed on WikiPedia now – does that mean you’ve finally arrived? Who knows.

    Keep up the good work Noah. Yeah, ok sometimes things are hard; pilots with magical ninja flying skills make the world all want to hit the Twitpic servers at the same time just to see some good news on the Hudson.

    Other such events – good and bad – will also get immortalised of the people, by the people, for the people…and you are helping make that happen.

    Have fun on that Island. Don’t forget to take time off for yourself from new features and data centers once in a while… :-)


  5. Hi Noah-

    If you’re still in Tulsa and have the time, let’s get together.

    Hope all is well. I’m sorta bummed about you moving away.

    Your disco pal-


  6. Ah, and so it begins. The “pornography vs art” debate, the censorship, the “FOR THE CHILLLLDRUN!” backlash.

    Are you going to personally determine which images are pornography vs. just-plain-nudity? Will art nudes be allowed? What about pictures of famous nude paintings?

    What about parents actually taking responsibility for their children on the internet, rather than the rest of us having to change our behavior because they can’t be arsed to control their own children?

    Sad times. I had hoped for better. Now, to find a new Twitter photo service…

  7. I use twitpic a lot. I think it’s great that you don’t need an account to use it. But what happend with the map on the homepage?

  8. Hey B-

    Noah has the right to run his business however he sees fit.

    The prohibition of the posting of nude photos has always been out in the open, and if you agreed to TwitPic’s Terms Of Service and violated them, YOU are in the wrong and not him.

    By all means, find yourself a new Twitter photo service. Good luck with finding one as slick and well run as TwitPic.


  9. Noah:

    I hope that you understand that a lot of your userbase is not “family friendly” as some would describe, either in their content or their lives. I get very concerned anytime I hear of a site or service that seeks to encourage this type of environment, especially without pre-defining their criteria. Would a pic of me kissing my partner be considered inappropriate? Would a pic of us holding hands? Who makes the decision and whose family is considered the benchmark for defining friendliness?

    I would encourage you to seek out best practices from other services on dealing with adult themed content and implement content control rather than elimination and banning of content and users that are arbitrarily defined as “inappropriate content” or not “family friendly.”

    Thank you so much for your hard work on TwitPic. As a Tulsan, I’m always proud to tell people that TwitPic was developed here!


  10. JustinFeed,

    If you read his blog post you would know that he plans on removing pornographic images fro twitpic. That’s pretty clear to me in regards to what types of photos. Use your brain a little.

  11. Hi, this is the 2nd time I’ve posted this.
    Since you updated last week,….


    I even cleared out my cache, and temp files, restarted my computer, it doesn’t matter….it’s *Still* there! When I click on the small thumb nail to make it larger, it says “photo is gone’, but it is *STLL* There!!

    This did *NOT* happen before the update. Please fix.

    Thanks. :)


  12. Having just found twitpic, I look/ed forward to using the service – but the whole ‘family friendly’ has me worried as well. I have artistic, (i believe), sensual (say, a sweater slipping off a shoulder, an arm covering the breasts in a twilight spreading the dimmed hues of the rainbow over the image of the woman…is this ‘anti-family?’

    The truth is, I don’t want to offend, and I don’t know. So what I MOST want is simply to be treated with courtesy if asked to remove pictures or to delete my account, and not like a childmolester. As a 37-year-old mother of two young children, who struggles to do right by others as best she can, it seems like it isn’t asking the moon for anyone banning, barring, or otherwise rejecting my art as unacceptable to simply assume I had the best intentions, and be cognizant that this IS my art, that I care about, and that it goes away just as well if you’re courteous about asking as it does if you send an obviously contemptuous, rude, and belittling ‘cease and desist.’

    thanks for taking the time to consider my idea. best wishes for a fine site community to and for us all – ami

  13. thanks for your hard work, In my opinion you should give us users the ability to flag what we think is inappropriate content then your team will decide wether or not it is, I was thinking about YouTube and the way they do flagging.

  14. I’m very new to Twitter so I guess I’m a little taken back that it would even be an issue about rude postings and porn. There is just too much of it out there in other forms of media if you want it. Why does or would it have to be here? Thanks Noah your doing the right thing.

  15. Hi Noah,
    works really well. My only question. How do I find a specific Twitter fellow and his pictures. Would a search function make sense?

  16. Hi Noah,

    Honesty IS an essential policy in business, I find acting with integrity encourages people whereas acting dishonestly eventually shows through. I would strongly recommend that you seek support in developing your business. Growing an internet business is surprisingly difficult and as I am no doubt you are aware, takes some significant resources in man hours and infrastructure. Whilst it is admirable, and to many enviable, that you have created this site, I wouldn’t want you to miss an opportunity to stabilise it and secure it for the long term. Embrace your entrepreneurial abilities, trust your instincts but don’t be afraid to accept help or share what you’ve started.

    I say this as I was intending to leave TwitPic due to performance issues but I am willing to give the site (and now you) another go having been engaged by your honesty.

    Kind regards


  17. Hey, you’re doing an awesome job with this site! I was just wondering why tags are disabled and when they’ll be back?

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