All of us on the Twitpic team would like to say thank you.  Thank you for sharing your favorite faces, places, and memories with us.  We see everything from your latest sketches and newest additions to your family, to what you found in your fridge this morning.  You travel, you live, you love, and then, you share.

To have even more fun with your pictures, we are starting a Twitpic of the month contest (#TwitpicOTM).  Every month we will announce a “theme” and then, you submit your entries like so:

1.  Take your best shot (real time- must be shot and posted the same day)

2.  Upload the photo to Twitpic and tweet a clever caption (Twitpic uploads only)

3.  Don’t forget to mention #TwitpicOTM in your tweet to be eligible!

4.  Picture must agree with our Terms of Service

And Voila! You’re entered to win Twitpic of the Month.  If your picture is chosen at the end of the month, we will contact you and post your picture here on the Twitpic blog for all to see and enjoy.  We’ll also be sharing some of our favorites along the way.

Have ideas on themes and contests?  Tweet us your ideas @Twitpic and @TwitpicSupport

28 thoughts on “#TwitpicOTM

  1. Good idea. I’m looking forward to see the twitpicsOTM. Just one thing about you post: And Viola should be And Voila.
    Thanks and best regards.

  2. Me encanta que estén tomando en cuenta, el talento de todos sus seguidores TWITTEROS. He visto fotografías increíbles y me parece muy acertado de su parte esta iniciativa.

  3. Love TwitpicOTM…eagerly anticipating December theme. I suspect you’re trying to stay away from a Christmas/holiday …perhaps play with somehing that can be holiday-ized like “footprints” (you know like the mailman, or whoever) “december lights”, maybe “socks”? So in my head these could be so cute :)

    Good luck!

  4. brilliant service…its a shame that since twitter chaged the design & settings on my page i cant seem to acces it anymore…..

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