Post photos and videos to Facebook

Hello Twitpic’ers! We’re excited to announce that you can now easily share your Twitpic photos not only to Twitter, but also to Facebook. You can link your Facebook account from either your account settings (, or from the upload area directly by clicking the “Connect to Facebook” button.

When you post a photo from Twitpic to Facebook, it will appear in the Open Graph ticker at the top right of the Facebook website. Once you post multiple Twitpic images to Facebook, Facebook will also begin to aggregate them on your Facebook Timeline for easy browsing.

Since many of you use Twitpic from your mobile devices and with 3rd party applications, there is an option on the settings page that will allow you to always enable posting to Facebook regardless of where you upload your images and video. This also works when uploading using Twitpic email.

In the very near future, you will also have the option to post to Facebook from mobile only when the “#fb” hashtag is present in your tweet. Keep your eyes peeled for this announcement and feature launch.


Twitpic for iPhone

All of us here at Twitpic are extremely excited to announce the official Twitpic app for the iPhone! The official Twitpic app lets you share beautiful photos and videos easily as they happen. (Download it here on the App Store / Android version should be out within the month)

What you can do with the app:

  • Share beautiful photos and videos easily
  • See photos and videos from people you follow on Twitter
  • View and add comments to Twitpics
  • See daily popular content
The built-in photo editor allows you to craft your perfect photo with simple editing tools and photo filters.

More screenshots:









Download it on the App Store today!