Twitpic’s Future

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who has used Twitpic over the years and for your patience with us over the last couple of months. As you know it’s been quite the roller coaster ride.

We weren’t able to find a way to keep Twitpic independent. However, I’m happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to give them the Twitpic domain and photo archive, thus keeping the photos and links alive for the time being. Twitter shares our goal of protecting our users and this data. Also, since Twitpic’s user base consists of Twitter users, it makes sense to keep this data with Twitter.

What this means for Twitpic users:

  • Twitpic will no longer be taking on new photos or data (the site will be in a read-only mode)
  • The iOS and Android apps have been removed from the app stores and will no longer be supported
  • You will still be able to login to your profile to delete content or delete your account on
  • You can still export and download your data / photo archive on

This will be my (@noaheverett) final chapter with Twitpic, and again I want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your photo sharing memories for nearly seven years. It has been an honor.

Post photos and videos to Facebook

Hello Twitpic’ers! We’re excited to announce that you can now easily share your Twitpic photos not only to Twitter, but also to Facebook. You can link your Facebook account from either your account settings (, or from the upload area directly by clicking the “Connect to Facebook” button.

When you post a photo from Twitpic to Facebook, it will appear in the Open Graph ticker at the top right of the Facebook website. Once you post multiple Twitpic images to Facebook, Facebook will also begin to aggregate them on your Facebook Timeline for easy browsing.

Since many of you use Twitpic from your mobile devices and with 3rd party applications, there is an option on the settings page that will allow you to always enable posting to Facebook regardless of where you upload your images and video. This also works when uploading using Twitpic email.

In the very near future, you will also have the option to post to Facebook from mobile only when the “#fb” hashtag is present in your tweet. Keep your eyes peeled for this announcement and feature launch.


Twitpic for iPhone

All of us here at Twitpic are extremely excited to announce the official Twitpic app for the iPhone! The official Twitpic app lets you share beautiful photos and videos easily as they happen. (Download it here on the App Store / Android version should be out within the month)

What you can do with the app:

  • Share beautiful photos and videos easily
  • See photos and videos from people you follow on Twitter
  • View and add comments to Twitpics
  • See daily popular content
The built-in photo editor allows you to craft your perfect photo with simple editing tools and photo filters.

More screenshots:









Download it on the App Store today!

#TwitpicOTM: What do you Love?

Love is always in the air during February. However, we decided to step away from the usual romantic ‘lovey dovey’ aspect and instead asked you to show us what love means to you. No other picture could explain love more than what Lynn Williamson of North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom submitted of her friends Tracey and Jack Marshall.

Tracey Marshall and her son Jack

Tracey explains, “This picture is of me and my late son Jack who passed away after a two year battle with a brain tumor. Our days were always the same when with Jack. They were always filled with love and laughter. On this particular day, Jack was in the middle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments and had fallen asleep on the sofa because his treatments made him incredibly tired. I remember quietly snuggling in on him and he woke up turning round to kiss me on the nose, ‘Guess what mum, I love you!’ he’d say, as he always did. I snuggled up to him and kissed him back ‘I love you too, mate’ and then we gave each other the biggest squeeze. We miss Jack every day and this picture means and is the world to me. Our love will never be replaced.”

Lynn Williamson, who submitted the Twitpic of her friends Tracey and Jack, works closely with the Jack Marshall Brain Tumor Fund. Lynn explains, “There surely is no greater love than the love shared by this very special Mummy and her inspirational boy Jack. I have never seen any picture and there are literally hundreds of them where he is not smiling. Jack’s Fund is to become a charity which will hopefully reach and help more people affected by childhood cancer.”

A snippet from my poem called “How do I Explain You?”

Do I explain the times Jack & I, ran screaming through the rain?
Or Jack’s sheer determination to walk, to kick a ball again?
To play a favorite game of Jack’s, was always hide and seek,
In cupboards and behind curtains, from which you’d see him peek.
We filled our days with laughter, giggles and lots of fun,
Dancing, singing, reading, and ‘that wiggle’ of his bum.
Throughout Jack’s treatment also, music was his thing.
Kasabian, Britney, Crazy Frog, and his best love that was Queen.
Blowing kisses, giving winks, with the ladies Jack had fun.
Although deep down I always knew I was ‘his’ special one.
Jack accomplished so much, in his life cut far too short.
A smile, a wink, an eyebrow was the way in which he fought.
Do I tell you what it feels like to hear him say “Love you”
Or the honour I feel as Jacks mum, to say “I love you too”
-Tracey Marshall, Jack’s Mum

You can learn more about Jack’s Fund here.

Twitpics Out of This World

We are excited about a lot of things here at Twitpic. We just moved into our new office (you can follow our blog here: The Startup Life), we’re working on some new projects, and we even have a really cool new espresso machine. One thing we are always excited about is our users and all the beautiful, funny, and interesting content they share.
Some of our best Twitpic Galleries are really out of this world..

Follow them on Twitter and beyond!
Clayton Anderson: @Astro_Clay, Nicole Stott: @Astro_Nicole, and Soichi Noguchi: @Astro_Soichi

#TwitpicOTM: New Year Resolutions

With a new year comes new beginnings, resolutions, and fresh starts. This month’s #TwitpicOTM winner captured the beginning of an exciting phase of life, her first child. Debbie Gillard of Ottawa, Ontario Canada has a New Year Resolution: “To bring a healthy, happy baby into this world.”

After several complications and pessimistic doctor’s visits over the past two years, Debbie was finally able to conceive a baby boy. Aidan Joseph Alexander is due to arrive on April 9, 2012.

“I started keeping a photo log of my entire pregnancy, saw #TwitpicOTM and thought hey, I’ve got something to share with the world! The Dr. said we wouldn’t be able to conceive so Aidan is my little miracle and I couldn’t have been more blessed. There are just somethings that make you sooo excited you want to stand on a mountain top and scream it over the world, Twitpic was my mountain! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to shout aloud!”

When Aidan is old enough, Debbie plans on sharing all the photos she has taken during her pregnancy, including this one- their very first New Years Eve together.

#TwitpicOTM: What Makes Your Holidays Happy?

December is a time for gathering with family and friends and celebrating the holidays.  You all sent in some really great shots–  we saw lots of pups decked out in their holiday best, little kiddies patiently waiting for their presents, and your beautiful holiday decorations.  This shot was our favorite:

This pic comes from Mike Mittelstaed, an Art Director in Laguna Beach, CA.   “The weather was beautiful outside and this idea came to my mind.. How about we have Santa say ‘Christmas is Cancelled!’ and show him running into the surf?” From there, Mike rented the Santa suit, and set up the shot.  The pic came out so good, Mike’s boss even used it for a Christmas card!  Mike makes a good point, “nothing says a California Christmas like surfing.”

Here are our runners up!

We at Twitpic hope your holidays were happy and your new year is prosperous!

Improved Video Posting

Hello Twitpic’ers! We’re excited to let you know that we’ve revamped video posting for Twitpic to be faster and more reliable.

We now support over a hundred video formats, covering 99.9% of all available video formats and the time from uploading your video to it posting to your Twitpic / Twitter account has been made dramatically faster.

You should see far fewer (if any) pages stuck on “Processing your video” or “An error occurred while processing your video” which we know was very annoying.

Thank you again for all your support as we continue to make Twitpic the best and easiest way to share your photos and videos!

#TwitpicOTM: Movember

November is notorious for cooler weather, falling leaves, shorter days, giving thanks and of course, Movember: a worldwide moustache movement raising funds and awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. The prize winning shot comes from a group of gents who work together at Tyne & Wear Sport, based in the North East of England, UK.  “We decided to take part in the Movember challenge because we wanted to help raise money for a great cause by doing something that was fun and a bit different (and secretly because it was a lot easier than running a marathon or jumping out of a plane)”, explains Xerxes Setna, #TwitpicOTM winner. “We took photographs at regular intervals and when I heard about #TwitpicOTM, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to show off our Mo’s to the world…  It’s been great seeing people’s reactions when they’ve walked into the office for meetings and been confronted by six hairy-faced men.”  By the end of the month the guys managed to raise £1130 [roughly $1513.52] for Movember.  What a great effort for such a great cause! Special thanks to all our submissions- you guys rock!

From left: Paul Thompson, Matthew Briggs, Adam Brougham, Ian Simon, Xerxes Setna and David Marrin

Check out our runners up:

..and the Twitpic Team!


#TwitpicOTM Contest Kicks Off Around the World

Our very first ‘Twitpic of the Month’ contest was really something!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  With our theme being ‘where in the world are you?’, we saw it all: sunsets in Rome, driving to the beach in Hawaii, beautiful gardens in London.. by the end of the month, we felt as if we had traveled the world!

The prize winning shot comes from Hery Suryono (@hertju) in Tanjung Pesona Beach in Bangka Belitung Archipelago Indonesia.  Hery was vacationing here with a friend on this day.  His inspiration, “to express freedom with the beautiful beach in the background”.

Here’s the shot via Twitpic.

Stay tuned– we will announce this month’s theme very soon!