#TwitpicOTM: What do you Love?

Love is always in the air during February. However, we decided to step away from the usual romantic ‘lovey dovey’ aspect and instead asked you to show us what love means to you. No other picture could explain love more than what Lynn Williamson of North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom submitted of her friends Tracey and Jack Marshall.

Tracey Marshall and her son Jack

Tracey explains, “This picture is of me and my late son Jack who passed away after a two year battle with a brain tumor. Our days were always the same when with Jack. They were always filled with love and laughter. On this particular day, Jack was in the middle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments and had fallen asleep on the sofa because his treatments made him incredibly tired. I remember quietly snuggling in on him and he woke up turning round to kiss me on the nose, ‘Guess what mum, I love you!’ he’d say, as he always did. I snuggled up to him and kissed him back ‘I love you too, mate’ and then we gave each other the biggest squeeze. We miss Jack every day and this picture means and is the world to me. Our love will never be replaced.”

Lynn Williamson, who submitted the Twitpic of her friends Tracey and Jack, works closely with the Jack Marshall Brain Tumor Fund. Lynn explains, “There surely is no greater love than the love shared by this very special Mummy and her inspirational boy Jack. I have never seen any picture and there are literally hundreds of them where he is not smiling. Jack’s Fund is to become a charity which will hopefully reach and help more people affected by childhood cancer.”

A snippet from my poem called “How do I Explain You?”

Do I explain the times Jack & I, ran screaming through the rain?
Or Jack’s sheer determination to walk, to kick a ball again?
To play a favorite game of Jack’s, was always hide and seek,
In cupboards and behind curtains, from which you’d see him peek.
We filled our days with laughter, giggles and lots of fun,
Dancing, singing, reading, and ‘that wiggle’ of his bum.
Throughout Jack’s treatment also, music was his thing.
Kasabian, Britney, Crazy Frog, and his best love that was Queen.
Blowing kisses, giving winks, with the ladies Jack had fun.
Although deep down I always knew I was ‘his’ special one.
Jack accomplished so much, in his life cut far too short.
A smile, a wink, an eyebrow was the way in which he fought.
Do I tell you what it feels like to hear him say “Love you”
Or the honour I feel as Jacks mum, to say “I love you too”
-Tracey Marshall, Jack’s Mum

You can learn more about Jack’s Fund here.